Leeds expert tells how brands get their kicks on social media

Francesca Ward.
Francesca Ward.

Leeds marketing agency Banana Kick’s Francesca Ward writes for Digital City on the importance of social media to major brands.

Such is the rapid growth of social media as a communication channel, brands are no longer deciding whether to have a presence or not – it’s how social and who with that has become the challenge.

There’s no doubt that social media has become an exciting space for ambitious brands – but fail to treat this innovative and fast paced arena with the respect it deserves and you could well end up doing more harm than good. 

Simply having a presence on social media is no longer good enough. In a world where trust and values mean so much, your brand should be looking at opportunities to build loyal advocates in an authentic way.

And so strategy matters. ‘Social’ should be at the heart of your brand, deep rooted within the core marketing plan – not just considered as an afterthought or bolt on, but seeded early in campaigns, bonded to your brand proposition.

Social media is not a ‘one size fits all’ approach. It’s important to remember that not all channels will be suitable for your brand, and the channels we choose should allow you to get content across seamlessly and deliver against business goals and objectives.

At Banana Kick, we take a planning-first, insight-led, strategic approach to all our content and social media marketing projects.

By that, we mean that before we launch into creating a social media strategy, we understand your brand’s proposition, tone of voice, and really get to know who your audience is.

We undertake a Persona profile exercise that helps us build a picture of who we are talking to, allowing us to understand the target audience that we’re trying to interact with and attract to the brand’s products or services.

The strongest Personas we create are developed through consumer insight, online research and social listening.

So, how do we do this? We work with brands to establish where they see themselves currently, and where they hope to be as a result of all their marketing activity.

To deliver against business goals and objectives, the content that we create should be engaging and impactful. With this in mind, we create a content plan that is tailored to the audience’s needs, containing key ‘content pillars’ that can be amplified through paid social and community management.

The content pillars will allow your brand to be consistent, and ultimately build trust.

Once up and running, we use a variety of management tools to manage all of our publishing, community management and reporting. Using these tools allows our clients to feel as though we are an extension of their team.

Monitoring activity plays a key part of any social media strategy. Being reactive is at the core of what we do and we understand that being able to assess and adapt in this changing world is more important than ever.

At Banana Kick, one of our beliefs is to practise what we preach. Further to the fantastic brands that we work with, we treat Banana Kick in the same way as we would any other client – our own social channels are a great place to see our approach.