Leeds: Exhibition of the ordinary is portrait of Farsley

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A faded photo of someone’s great-great grandad, a clapper board and a football.

What do all these seemingly mundane things have in common? The answer is they are all part of an exhibition taking place this weekend, which will invite visitors to explore the magical in the mundane and the extraordinary in the ordinary.

Objects and Curious Tales, created with the help of residents of Farsley, documents a treasure trove of personal stories, each one linked to an object of particular significance to the owner.

It will be on show at Sunny Bank Mills on Town Street, Farsley, today and tomorrow as part of this year’s I Love West Leeds Festival.

The exhibition has been put together by Leeds-based musician and photographer Phil Moody and performance artist Jane Morland.

Phil and Jane have worked with schools, writing groups, the civic society and arts groups over the past two months to collect and document individual stories.

Phil said: “We invited people to bring in objects which had personal significance, but no monetary value – the aim was to collect all the unusual stories behind the objects. We want to put local people at the heart of this exhibition and build a unique portrait of the community.”

Among the objects is a photo of the owner’s great-great-granddad and his wife.

“His grandson taught Ray Illingworth how to play cricket,” the un-named owner explains.

“And since I like cricket, it’s really important to me. I’ve got it in my room.”

Another object is a clapper board from Unforgiven, an ITV drama, in which the young owner acted. Also included is a golden football signed by former England captain Bryan Robson for the proud young sports wannabe who beat hundreds of others in a tournament.

As part of the exhibition Phil, Jane and musician Julian Coburn-Hough will be using story-telling and live music to bring some of the stories to life.

This weekend’s exhibition also includes film, photography, recorded voices, writing and drawing.

For more information about the I Love West Leeds Festival, which runs until July 24, visit the website at: www.ilovewestleeds.co.uk or contact the festival hotline on 0787 058 1566.

27 October 2017.
The view from the top of Leeds Town Hall.
Leeds Civic Hall.

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