Leeds entrepreneur Steven’s digital ideas are all present and correct

Steven Binnion.
Steven Binnion.

When it comes to innovative online business ideas, Steven Binnion has things all wrapped up.

Steven is the man behind Remind2Find, a new Leeds-based start-up that aims to take the hassle out of choosing a perfect gift.

Remind2Find’s free website lets people create and share profiles that contain information about their likes and dislikes as well as their favourite retailers.

Those details, it is hoped, will help users pick a present with a special extra something instead of resorting to guesswork or falling back on old standbys such as giving cash.

Remind2Find also lists hundreds of retailers where people can buy their chosen gift, with particular emphasis being put on independent local stores to assist them as they try to keep pace with internet giants such as Amazon.

Steven told Digital City: “People tend to buy things as they need them and have pretty clear ideas about what they do and don’t like. This makes it very difficult for buyers.

“A lot of the magic and surprise of getting a gift has been lost, yet with Remind2Find it can be rediscovered very quickly.

“Creating a profile is quick and easy. Add your interests, select your favourite retailers, tell us a little bit about yourself, then invite your friends to do the same. It’s not complicated, but that’s the beauty of it.”

Steven, whose business background is in IT services, came up with the idea for Remind2Find while struggling to choose presents for family members overseas.

The website’s current main focus is the UK but it has growing coverage in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Hong Kong, South Africa and the USA.

“Beyond saving time and guesswork, we’re also trying to help users to open their minds to a wider range of gifts,” said Steven.

“There’s an increasing trend towards experiences, but there are only so many times we want to go to a spa or on a track day for example.

“Instead, users are encouraged to share details of things they like to do but may often go without due to the cost.

“This can be whatever you like, but examples include vouchers for a restaurant, manicures, massage, golf lessons, physical training or even contributions towards a larger gift.

“We currently list close to a thousand retailers and add others on the recommendation of our users.

“Instead of defaulting to buy from well-known international brands due to a lack of inspiration, we see users buying with confidence from independent stores in the knowledge that they can be trusted to deliver a great service.”

Launched last month, Remind2Find is based at the Futurelabs site on Eastgate in the city centre.

Praising the backing his venture has received from the digital community in Leeds, Steven said: “In a relatively short space of time we have developed a strong and supportive network of contacts, most of which are involved in some shape or form with start-ups.

“It’s great to see that the infrastructure exists within the city to help these businesses to grow and I’d encourage anyone with an idea to attend an event at Futurelabs or another digital hub to find out more about the support that is available.”

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