Leeds drivers dream of getting their tops off

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Leeds motorists are coveting a convertible more than the rest of the country, with one in eight drivers admitting it’s their dream car.

New data from independent car buying site carwow has revealed that despite annual rainfall of 697mm in Leeds, 21 per cent admit their next car is likely to be convertible.

A poll of 2,000 drivers, commissioned by carwow, has also discovered that during hot, dry spells such as the one the country is currently enjoying, one in three Leeds drivers (37 per cent) wish they had a convertible so they could drive around with the top down.

However, despite a convertible being the car of their dreams, a practical 1 in 2 Leeds drivers surveyed admit that due to the weather they will never actually buy one.

Alex Rose, from carwow, says: “Drivers are out to make the most of any sunshine that comes along - even more so if you see more than your fair share of rain.

“Owning a convertible is a great form of escapism that makes even a journey to the supermarket feel like an epic road trip.

“And with models such as the MINI Convertible, they’ve become much more accessible than ever before. They’re more accessible than ever before and the traditional image of the convertible has been replaced by models which combine style and practicality. Drivers can now own a convertible without compromising on the car.

“Convertibles being produced today have better hoods, they’re more refined and advances in technology mean that you can open and close the hood at any speed, making the most of the sun when it actually does come out.”