Leeds driver jailed after pretending to be her twin sister when stopped by police

South Parkway, Seacroft.
South Parkway, Seacroft.

A WOMAN who impersonated her twin sister when she was stopped by police for a suspected driving offence has been jailed for perverting the course of justice.

Claire Lock, 43, pretended to be her sibling after officers stopped the car she was driving on ap, Leeds, on March 12 last year.

Lock’s sister was in the passenger seat and a man was sat on the back seat of the vehicle at the time.

Carmel Pearson, prosecuting, said officers asked for the driver’s details and Lock gave her sister’s name. Lock was asked to get into the police car with the officers where she was told the vehicle would be seized as it was not insured properly.

Lock was asked to sign a form and officers became suspicious when she said: “I nearly signed as Claire then.”

The mother-of-five’s fingerprints were then taken at the scene. Lock’s sister later spoke to police and told officers what had happened.

Miss Pearson said Lock was interviewed and told officers her sister had told her commit the offence. Lock, of Parkway Court, Seacroft, pleaded guilty to perverting the course of justice. She was jailed for three months.

She told a probation officer that the vehicle belonged to her sister but she had been driving the car as her sister had been drinking alcohol.

Mark Pritchard, mitigating, said: “She is under no illusions as to the seriousness of the offence. The game was almost given away at the scene with her comment to the officers and gives an indication that this is perhaps not the most sophisticated offence.”