Leeds double rapist, 16, is locked up for seven years

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A schoolboy who raped two teenage girls has been locked up for seven years.

The 16-year-old carried out one attack at knifepoint and is believed to have been filmed by his friends while he committed the other.

The youth then went on to claim to a youth offending team worker that the girls had “led him on”.

The boy, who cannot be named, already had convictions for violence and robbery before preying on his victims in separate attacks in the Harehills and Potternewton areas of Leeds.

Nicholas Askins, prosecuting, told Leeds Crown Court the youngster attacked a 13-year-old girl in November last year in Potternewton Park.

The girl had gone to the park with her friends but had become separated from them when she was approached by her attacker and a group of his friends.

He threatened the youngster, forced her on to her knees and ordered her to perform a ordered her to perform a sex act upon him. During her ordeal the girl was ordered not to look to her right.

Mr Askins said this was because it was thought his friends were filming was happening and it may have been shown later around their school.

The teenager struck again in February, targeting a 15 year-old-girl out with her friends.

The youth was also with friends when he went up to the girl and forced her to go into a bin yard near Bayswater Street, Harehills. He held a knife to the girl’s chest throughout the attack. He attacked her again in a street two months later when he saw her in Sandhurst Place, head butting her to the ground and punching her several times.

Both girls were able to identify their attacker. After his arrest his phone was found to contain a ‘slag list’ which contained one victim’s name.

He pleaded guilty to two offences of rape and one of assault.

Detaining him for seven years, Recorder Martin Bethel said the youngster’s attitude towards his victims was on great concern to him.

Leeds Civic Hall.

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