Leeds Digital City: Education platform is class act

GET SMART: Synap co-founder James Gupta.
GET SMART: Synap co-founder James Gupta.
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A startup company founded by two University of Leeds medical students is providing the perfect tonic for people who want to do their learning as effectively as possible.

James Gupta and Omair Vaiyani’s Synap is an education platform that uses neuroscience research, psychology and artificial intelligence to produce app-based personalised studying plans.

They tap into algorithms to monitor the progress made by users in different areas and suggest what they should be studying and when. Users can also create and share multiple choice quizzes based on what they are studying.

James said: “It’s a huge shift away from the age-old study technique of reading through a textbook again and again in the hope that some of the information in there will ‘stick’.

“We’re about revisiting information regularly at set intervals over time, which produces long-term durable retention of knowledge.”

Synap is James’s second startup, with his first – JumpIn, a taxi sharing platform for students – having expanded to five UK cities before being acquired by the Addison Lee private hire firm.

For further information, visit the www.synap.ac website.