Leeds Digital City: Agency hails heritage of go-ahead sector

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Leeds digital marketing agency Blueclaw believes the city has a switched-on future – thanks in no small part to its proud past.

The award-winning firm feels that Leeds’s digital and technology sector is at the point of having its own self-sustaining talent pool.

And one reason for that, says Blueclaw managing director Aidan Cook, is Leeds’s sometimes under-appreciated digital heritage. Aidan told Digital City: “Leeds is fortunate to have a longer-established and stronger digital sector than many other UK cities.

“Companies that are almost forgotten now, such as Freeserve, Energis and Planet Football, were groundbreaking ‘dotcom’ successes here in the 1990s.

“A lot of the people that were new starters in those companies 20 years ago are now the savvy, senior staff that are so hard to find in other cities.”

Aidan was previously managing director of Sense Internet, founded in 1995 and one of the first firms in Leeds to market itself as a digital agency.

“The excitement of digital media has never diminished for me,” he said.

“The constantly-changing technology means there’s always something new.”

Blueclaw puts its package of digital marketing services – including search engine optimisation (SEO) and search advertising, PR, content marketing and social media strategy – to good use for household names such as Thomson Holidays, Jewson Tools and Mobile Phones Direct.

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