Leeds dad jailed after lunging at son with penknife during row

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A man who lunged at his step son with a knife during a family row has been jailed for eight months.

A court heard Mark Owen rang police after the incident at his home and admitted what what he had done.

Leeds Crown Court heard Owen, 50, lived at the property on Langley Road, Bramley, with his partner, son and two step sons. The incident happened around 7.40pm on April 10. Martin Robertshaw, prosecuting, said Owen had argued with his partner and his 20-year-old son intervened in the row.

Owen and his step son shouted abuse at each other before the older man picked up a pen knife and lunged at his step son with the weapon.

Mr Robertshaw said: “The defendant’s partner got between them both and managed to stop the defendant making contact with the knife.”

The incident was witnessed by Owen’s step son, aged 11.

Owen then dialled 999 and told the operator he had “gone for someone” with a knife. Officer seized found the weapon in a plant pot when they arrived at the house.

Mr Robertshaw said: “Before his arrest he had signed a police officer’s notebook to say that he had tried to attack his step son with a knife.”

Owen admitted affray. The court heard Owen had previously served a ten sentence for a robbery committed in 1995.

Gareth Moore, mitigating, said Owen had no intention of stabbing his step son and only meant to scare him. Jailing Owen, Recorder Sandra Knapton said: “Even somebody who has no intention to use the knife can end up causing serious injury.”

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