Leeds cycle superhighway chiefs respond to residents’ concerns over parking

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Leeds residents’ concerns over parking outside their homes when the £30m Leeds cycle superhighway is finished will be under the spotlight at a public meeting next week.

City Connect started work in January on a 23km cycle superhighway to connect Bradford to Leeds city centre and east Leeds.


The scheme is 45 per cent complete and work on the cycleway is currently ongoing on a section of Stanningley Road, know locally as Stanningley Bottom.

Coun Caroline Gruen (Labour/Bramley and Stanningley) said: “It is a city-wide scheme that local Bramley councillors support.

“However, it hasn’t been without its teething problems, particularly in the Stanningley Bottom area.

“It is a narrow stretch of road so it is proving more difficult to organise the layout of the cycleway.

“Residents are concerned about how parking will work outside their homes once the cycleway is open.

“We are currently talking to residents about how parking issues might be resolved.”

The layout of the cycle superhighway at Stanningley Bottom will be discussed at a meeting of Bramley Forum at the Eric Atkinson Centre, Wellington Gardens, Bramley from 7pm on Thursday September 17.

A City Connect spokeswoman said the loss of some car parking spaces is unavoidable.

The spokeswoman added: “Where we have lost car parking spaces it is because keeping the spaces would have been detrimental to the design standards set for the cycle superhighway scheme, or we have made alternative parking provision nearby.

“City Connect will be represeented at the Bramley Forum meeting to answer concerns.”