Leeds councillors given ‘guidance’ on social media use after complaints

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Leeds councillors have been given extra guidance on social media etiquette after a number of complaints.

The revelation is made in an annual report summing up complaints to and investigations by Leeds City Council’s standards and conduct committee.

It says: “Two elected members have been the subject of two separate complaints and one incident generating two complaints relating to the same elected member.

“Three of the complaints received have related to social media use.

“There is a wide recognition that there are potential issues which the use of social media raises. To help support and facilitate members in the use of Social Media, advice and guidance was prepared...and circulated to all members.”

The report lays out details of nine complaints in total which were made about councillors’ conduct in the past year. This is higher than the four complaints received last year, but lower than the 11 in the year before, it says. The report adds that all complaints from the public were resolved either before or at Stage One of the complaints procedure, stressing that “there have been no findings of a failure by Leeds city councillors” in terms of conduct rules and regulations.