Leeds commuters to bear brunt of train fare increases

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Train travellers in Leeds have been handed a three percent season ticket fare rise.

New tariffs across the regions were announced last night, with a Leeds-Wakefield season ticket going from £964 to £992.

Train companies in England have licence to put up regulated fares, including season tickets, by up to two per cent above the agreed price-increase figure which, for 2014, is 3.1 per cent. Unregulated fares – typically off-peak leisure tickets – are not capped.

First Trans Pennine Express admitted any increase would be a bitter pill to swallow, but the firm will be freezing all its advance fares at 2013 prices. Fares between Manchester and Leeds will start from £6 one way, and between Liverpool and Leeds at £8. Season tickets and ‘walk up’ fares will rise on average by 3.0 per cent, and the overall average price increase is 2.4 per cent.

Nick Donovan, managing director, said: “We recognise any fare increase is not ideal, but it is important to continually invest in the railway. Importantly for customers, many of the fares will be frozen and held at 2013 prices.”

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27 October 2017.
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