Leeds community bands together after shopkeeper's stock is stolen

Mick White has received several bags of donated sweets
Mick White has received several bags of donated sweets
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Residents of Beeston have rallied around a local greengrocer after his stock was stolen.

Mick White, who runs a shop selling plants, flowers and confectionery on Old Lane, was faced with dwindling stock during the busy Easter period after a shoplifter stole a quantity of sweets.

Emma Dewing then appealed on the Save Our Beeston Facebook group for customers to replace the treats by donating Easter eggs, chocolate and candy.

Mick and his wife have now received several bags full of sweets from kind-hearted residents.

"Mick is a hard-working and longstanding member of this community, running his small business for many years. I know how hard this kind of work is in the cold mornings for years and years, so I am proposing the Beeston community get together to support Mick by donating an Easter egg or a box of sweets for him to sell. You can drop them in or if you don't drive I will pick them up," Emma wrote.

"They can rob all they want but we as a community will pick Mick's spirits up."

Other social media users were impressed by the plea and voiced their support.

Mandie Felton wrote:-

"This is disgusting. Mick is the kindest gentleman, he is always pleasant to everyone and has a smile on his face, his wife too. Every year we take them a bottle of wine as they're a lovely couple. Can't believe this has happened to him."