Leeds City Council tax conmen strike

Consumers are being warned about a scam that claims to save council tax payers money...for a fee.

Conmen are targeting Leeds householders saying they can check whether they are on the correct council tax band for a charge, while suggesting that it is possible that they are over paying.

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Now Leeds City Council is alerting residents to the fact that they can do the same check – for free.

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It is not illegal for the callers to offer the service, but the Council has warned that cold callers are wrongly claiming that properties in the area have already had their council tax bandings lowered.

One salesman quoted a consumer 165, claiming he could reduce the owner's council tax bill by around 2,000.

Steven Carey, Leeds City Council's chief officer for revenues and benefits, said: "While there's nothing illegal about these calls, people may be fooled into thinking that they need to pay someone to see if they are in the wrong tax band.

"Our advice is that you can do it yourself for free – you don't need to pay, so if you think your house might be in the wrong band, contact the valuation officer and check for free."

A council tax band is used to work out how much council tax is paid by each property.

Check what you pay by calling the Valuation Officer Agency on 0845 602 1507 or visit: www.voa.gov.uk

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