Leeds city centre river plunge drama

Five fire engines and crews were called to rescue a man who decided to take an early hours freezing dip in Leeds's River Aire.

The drama occurred at 2.10am today when a 999 call alerted the Fire Service that a man dressed in his boxer shorts had entered the river in the centre of Leeds.

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Two fire engines from the Kirkstall Central Leeds station - which is a specialist water rescue centre were despatched to the scene in Call Lane.

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Soon after they were joined by other firefighters and applicances from Hunslet,Leeds; Rothwell and Bingley fire stations to help recover the man from the perishing cold water.

Overseen by two senior officers and police also summoned to the scene, the fire-fighters recovered the 21-year-old man from the steep sided river and helped him dry-off.

After being pulled from the water he did not require hospital treatment and was quickly driven away in a car by two male friends.

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