Leeds city centre fountains to stay dry

TURNED OFF: The fountains in City Square in summer 2011, which will not be gushing this year.
TURNED OFF: The fountains in City Square in summer 2011, which will not be gushing this year.
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Water features across Leeds are set to have the plug pulled on them.

Leeds City Council plans to turn off a number of water fountains across Leeds as austerity measures start to bite.

The water feature in Millennium Square, which was built as part of the Square’s development, will be permanently switched off.

The fountains have not been in operation for several years because of serious mechanical faults.

The aquatic art installation has since been converted into a planter containing floral displays.

The council has also decided to convert the feature on Eastgate roundabout to flower beds this spring time.

The fountains in City Square, which have also not worked for more than a year, will also have the plug pulled on them.

The council claims that it would require a large investment to restore the features into working condition.

The local authority also claims it would be impractical to turn the fountains on because the large paved square has become an attractive area for people to gather.

Councillor Richard Lewis, executive member for development and economy, said: “Although we have taken this decision, this does not mean that Leeds will become a ‘dry’ city.

“We recognise that in the past that features have not been as successful as they could or should have been.

“We know that water features can make a huge difference to locations – as seen in Sheffield, where a fantastic job has been done.

“We need to make sure that any future investment in Leeds is done properly.”

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