Leeds city centre drunken fatal brawl teenager is locked up

Robert Adamczyk.
Robert Adamczyk.
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A teenager who was involved in a drunken brawl in Leeds city centre which ended with a man’s death has been locked up for six months.

Kyle Monkman, 19, was sentenced at Leeds Crown Court yesterday (Sept 18) after admitting affray in the early hours of December 9 last year.

The court heard Monkman, of Barden Place, Armley, punched Michael Pollard in the face and kicked him after he had fallen to the ground.

That incident happened after Monkman’s friend Andrew Wright had punched Mr Pollard’s friend Robert Adamczyk in the face, knocking him to the ground.

Mr Adamczyk, 28, of South Milford near Selby, suffered fatal head injuries and died shortly after the incident.

Sending Monkman to a young offenders institution for six months, Judge Guy Kearl told him: “I’m satisfied that you were involved in the escalation of the incident which resulted in one man losing his life and one man being injured.

“I accept you didn’t cause the death of Robert Adamczyk.

“Once Robert Adamczyk had gone to the ground, you then commenced the attack on Michael Pollard.

“You chased and attacked him with a punch. He went to the ground and you can be seen on CCTV continuing the attack by kicking him as he tried to get up.

“You are also seen to approach the deceased as he lay on the ground and say words to the effect of ‘that’s what it’s like to be laid out.’”

“After the attack you walked down the Headrow.

“On your way towards Briggate you were seen to intimidate others who were minding their own business.

“You then went out clubbing for the next few hours. At that stage, hardly a show of remorse.”

Mitigating, Anne-Marie Hutton, said: “He does not seek to blame others or excuse himself for what was drunken violence.”

On Wednesday, A Leeds Crown Court jury found 19-year-old Andrew Wright not guilty of manslaughter in connection with the death of Robert Adamczyk.

Mr Wright, of Whingate Grove, Armley, was also cleared of affray.

Co-defendant David Taylor, 19, of Prince Edward Grove, Wortley, was found not guilty of affray.

Andrew Wright had told the court Mr Adamczyk punched David Taylor in the face, causing him to stumble.

Andrew Wright said Mr Adamczyk then approached him with a clenched fist, adding: “All I could think of was am I going to get hit? So I hit him to get away. He (Mr Adamczyk) looked at me and I felt threatened. He drew back, about to hit me, and I hit him first.”