Leeds city centre bar pervert is banned from having camera

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A pervert who was caught secretly filming up women’s skirts in a bar has been banned from ever possessing camera equipment in public.

David Billsberry, 61, was given a suspended prison sentence yesterday for outraging public decency over the incident in Carpe Diem bar in Leeds City Centre.

He had the ban on photographic equipment imposed on him as part of a sexual offences prevention order.

The YEP reported on Wednesday how Billsberry – who works in the film industry – spent five hours in the bar on George Street and filmed six women on March 20 last year.

Staff and security noticed Billsberry acting suspiciously as he was holding a device in his hand. It turned out to be a camera wrapped in duct tape.

Billsberry, who admitted the offence, was sentenced yesterday after serving four days in jail for twice failing to appear before Leeds Crown Court to face the indecency charge.

Judge Sally Cahill told him: “It is fortunate that your victims on this occasion weren’t aware of what was going on.

“But it doesn’t make your actions any less serious. It is the most enormous invasion of their privacy. It is inexcusable and I am satisfied it had a sexual motive. You can deny it all you like.”

Billsberry was given an eight month sentence, suspended for two years, and 200 unpaid hours of work. He was also told to pay £340 costs.

He must not be in possession of photographic equipment outside his own home, except for having a mobile phone, which he must make available for inspection by police upon request. The ban will run for the rest of his life.

The court heard Billsberry, of Scott Hall Avenue, Leeds, told security staff he had a fetish and “everybody had needs” after he was caught. He described his behaviour as mischievous rather than sexual.

He had been holding the camera at knee height to be able to take pictures up ladies’ skirts and dresses.

Billsberry, who is self employed and constructs film sets, has a previous conviction for voyeurism from 2004 when he was lodging at a woman’s flat in Scarborough.

He installed camera equipment in a disused fireplace and recorded her changing her clothes.


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