Leeds: Christmas Day baby is three weeks early

She wasn't expected for nearly three weeks but Meisha Marilyn Mary Beckles checked in as Leeds's first Christmas baby.

While most of us were tucked up in bed she arrived on December 25 at 1.28am, weighing 5lbs 14oz.

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After thorough checks the healthy pair left hospital after just nine hours.

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And today she and her proud mum Ashleigh, 21, were smiling and enjoying

life, staying with the baby's grandparents at Servia Gardens, Little London.

"They are both doing fantastic," said Ashleigh's mum, Catherine Tosney. "It was a long labour. The first pains started on the Wednesday morning before Christmas.

"It was Ashleigh's second baby. Her first one, Charleigh, took four days to arrive and was delivered by a caesarean. But it wasn't necessary this time.

"We were dreading Christmas because Ashleigh lost both her nanas this year and we were a close family.

"Ashleigh has named the new baby after them (Marilyn and Mary). I was hoping to visit their graves on Christmas Day until the baby arrived.

"We weren't expecting her until January 10 so I had to go out on Boxing Day to buy a couple of snowsuits for her.

"St James's looked after them both wonderfully and kept in touch with Leeds Infirmary to see which of them had the first Christmas baby."

Ashleigh is a senior carer in a dementia unit at a care home in Cookridge and hopes to go back to work for 16 hours a week. She is waiting for her new home to be decorated on Hamilton Terrace, Chapeltown.

Mrs Tosney, who has been with partner Charlie Beckles, a scaffolder, for over 20 years, is an office manager for the Cellar Project in Shipley.

A check around local hospitals revealed Meisha was the earliest arrival

of Christmas Day.

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