Leeds childcare is cheaper than the UK average

The Easter holidays see a spike in childcare demands from working parents
The Easter holidays see a spike in childcare demands from working parents
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Struggling to afford childcare during the Easter holidays?

Nursery and daycare fees may feel expensive, but in fact, childcare providers in Leeds are cheaper than the national average.

The website Childcare.co.uk reviewed average costs of childminding, babysitting nanny and daycare services, and found that parents in Leeds pay on average of £6.89 per hour, lower than the UK mean of £7.16.

The most expensive type of childcare for Leeds is nannying which costs, on average, £8.99 per hour, followed by babysitting at £7.99, childminding at £5.43 and day nurseries at £5.13.

And costs in Leeds are a staggering 23 per cent lower than in London, where parents fork out £8.45 per hour.

Nannying in Leeds is nearly 10 per cent cheaper per hour than the national average of £9.81, and babysitting is almost 5 per cent cheaper. Day Nurseries and childminders both sit at nearly 10 per cent cheaper than the rest of the country with the national average for these services sitting at £5.60 and £4.89 respectively.

More than 2,970 people are actively looking for childcare across Leeds, with more than 839 service providers searching for work.

Richard Conway, CEO and founder of Childcare.co.uk, said:

“I think it’s fascinating to see how much childcare providers’ hourly rates differ based on location. We have thousands of childcare providers across the UK and it’s interesting to see that Leeds prices are so much lower than the other big cities and the rest of the UK.

“Typically, our data shows that prices in the north of England tend to be cheaper, so it’s unsurprising to find Leeds come in lower than the national average. We know the cost of childcare is a worry for lots of parents across the UK, wherever they live, however, as our data shows, it is substantially cheaper in some places compared with others.”