Leeds chef launches crowdfunding bid to launch ‘The Jungle Kitchen’

THE VEGAN CHEF: India Silvani-Jones hosting her own supper club.
THE VEGAN CHEF: India Silvani-Jones hosting her own supper club.
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A chef has launched a Crowdfunding platform to help her start up ‘The Jungle Kitchen’ - a cafe, deli and space to teach people to cook in Leeds - which will be 100 per cent vegan.

Over the last couple of years India Silvani-Jones has been holding vegan supper clubs, either in her own home or in pop up kitchens, and cooking workshops to the point where she got listed as number two in Buzzfeed’s list of Top Secret Places to Eat in Leeds.

However, the 29 year-old doesn’t want it to be a secret anymore and aims to make vegan food more accessible - even to non vegans and hopes to make £3000 to put towards a permanent location which will most likely be in north Leeds.

The Jungle Kitchen will also be the place to learn the foundations of vegan cooking, be creative with ingredients and to experiment without always relying on recipes

She said: “People are interested in learning how to cook and more about being vegan. The last event I did, out of 24 people, only three were vegans. The last supper club I did at my house was 100 per cent non vegans.

“I don’t want this to come across like a clique where you can’t come if you eat meat. There is no judgement, no conversations about the dairy industry or slaughterhouses - that is not the way. If people want to make that choice that is up to them but if they don’t have the option, how can they? It is more do-able than you think.”

Some of the dishes in India’s repertoire include French toast with caramelised banana and coconut caramel sauce, a chocolate brownie and coconut smoothie bowl, pumpkin and sage mac n cheeze, a pumpkin spice latte and all the desserts like cheezecakes and donuts.

The Kickstarter closes for backing and donations on Tuesday December 12.