Leeds Carnival 2018: What to take to the event and what to leave at home

Leeds West Indian Carnival is Europe's longest running authentic Caribbean carnival parade and it will make its annual return on Monday August 27.

By The Newsroom
Wednesday, 22nd August 2018, 4:14 pm
Updated Wednesday, 22nd August 2018, 4:15 pm

If you’re heading to the event, the Leeds West Indian Carnival website have a few tips regarding a number of things you can both do and avoid doing to ensure you get the most out of the day.

Things to do:

-Arrive early and pick a good spot. This way you get a great view and don’t have to jostle with crowds to get a good view of the passing parade.

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Leeds West Indian Carnival is Europes longest running authentic Caribbean carnival parade and it will make its annual return on Monday August 27

-Wear comfortable footwear. If you’re following the procession or dancing with the crowds wear comfy shoes. AVOID wearing flip flops and high heels.

-Remember your usual food hygiene. The Carnival is a big event with thousands of people and hundreds of food and drink stalls to choose from. The Carnivals organisers suggest taking hand sanitizer along.

-Stay hydrated

-If you’re drinking alcohol, drink responsibly.

-Arrange a meeting spot with your family and friends just in case anyone gets lost.

-Keep your valuables, personal possessions, keys, phones and money close and covered.

Things to avoid:

-Taking your car. Leave the car at home and use public transport to get to a from the event as quite a few roads are closed and there are parking restriction in places. If you must drive and manage to find a parking spot do be considerate to local residents.

-During the carnival parade, watch or dance to the music but do it from the sidelines and avoid the temptation to ‘jump-up’ with a troupe.

-Taking a pram. Instead opt for a small buggy, baby sling or harness as they will be easier to manage and keep the little ones close.

5 things to get the most out of the Carnival

According to the Leeds Carnival website, the following 5 things can help attendees make the most out of the day:

1- Take part and get into the Carnival spirit!

2- Dance- let loose and following the rhythm! Top tip for novices: bend your knees, let your hips do a figure of eight and put your hands in the air or out to the side.

3- Embrace the music and take a music lesson. Calypso is the sound of the West Indies and was created in Trinidad & Tobago. It has African and French influences and combines social commentary with big rhythms and soulful voices.

4- Try the food. Take your pick from a choice of global cuisine on Carnival Day.

5- Make some noise. Get into the Carnival spirit with a whistle or horn.

For more information about the Carnival visit: leedscarnival.co.uk/