Leeds: Car ‘stalked the streets near home of victim’

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The jury was told that the intended victim of the murder plot was a man named Ralph Roberts.

At the time of the events Mr Roberts lived with his family at a house on York Road, in the East End Park area of the city.

The court heard Mr Roberts was identified as the targeted after conversations were recorded on covert equipment placed within the Audi RS6.

The conversations described the premises in which he lived, the vehicles with which he was associated and the pub where he was a regular – The White Horse – close to his home.

Mr Greaney said the Audi RS6 and a Toyota Hiace van “stalked” the streets around Mr Roberts’ home and the White Horse during the evenings of the alleged plot.

An Automatic Number Plate Recognition System (ANPR) system in Leeds city centre also showed the Audi RS6 followed a Toyota Avensis car which belonged to Mr Roberts. The prosecutor told the jurors: “You may well be asking why the defendants wanted him dead.

“The evidence does not answer that question. Nor is it answered by Ralph Roberts himself, who has not co-operated with the investigation and is not therefore a witness in the case.

“He even rejected police support when they informed him that his life was in immediate danger.”

Mr Greaney added: “Ultimately, the fact that there is an absence of evidence of motive is not significant,

“It is not necessary for the prosecution to prove the motive for the plot, only that the plot existed and that the defendants knowingly participated in it.”


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