Leeds car enthusiast sells Porsche once owned by ex-Beatle George Harrison

Raj Sedha, of Adel, with the Black Porsche 928 S Coupe that was once owned by Beatle George Harrison. Peter Byrne/PA Wire
Raj Sedha, of Adel, with the Black Porsche 928 S Coupe that was once owned by Beatle George Harrison. Peter Byrne/PA Wire
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A car enthusiast from Leeds has recalled his shock after discovering a rare black Porsche 928 he owned had once belonged to ex-Beatle George Harrison.

Raj Sedha, 47, of Adel, said he bought the car in 2003 for spare parts until his wife Sonia looked at the paperwork and saw George Harrison’s name in the log book.

He said the seller had mentioned a celebrity had owned it in the past but he didn’t realise the significance of its former owner. Raj said: “It didn’t click with me. She said it is George Harrison’s.

“I said, ‘That’s who the man who I bought it off said. Who is he?’

“She said, ‘He’s the Beatle. You can’t take the car apart for spares.’”

The father-of-two added: “I was shocked. I decided to try and take it back to the original specifications of what George Harrison would have ordered.”

Now fully restored and working the car is expected to fetch upwards of £20,000 at an auction on March 17.

It was bought by Harrison when he lived in Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire, and he drove it for more than three years.

The Porsche is rare in that it is a ‘base’ black colour with black stitching on its leather interior instead of the usual black/red or black/cream combination.

Raj said: “We’ve just had it sat in the garage with the lawnmowers stacked by the side of it.

“I just kept thinking ‘something’s going to happen to this. I need to get it out of here. It’s probably going to be a pride and joy to someone.”

The car has been a talking point when the family’s friends and relatives have visited but Raj admitted: “Everyone always said ‘why is it just sat in your garage, gathering dust? You should do something with it.”

He added: “I’ll be sad to see it go though.

“It’s a beautiful car.”

Raj said he didn’t include the leather steering wheel or seats in his restoration - to preserve their close links to Harrison.

“They were in good condition but also that’s what makes it George Harrison’s car. That’s the steering wheel he touched.”

Paul Fairweather, of Omega Auctions, Stockport said: “For anybody that’s into cars and The Beatles, this is a must-have. The 928 is an absolute classic and the fact it was owned by George for four years from new will ensure that it roars off the auction block.”