Leeds cancer survivor Nina releases second book as she continues to defy the odds

Author Nina Joy, who has advanced cancer, pictured at her home in Roundhay, Leeds. Picture by Simon Hulme.
Author Nina Joy, who has advanced cancer, pictured at her home in Roundhay, Leeds. Picture by Simon Hulme.
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Three years after getting the devastating diagnosis that she had less than six months to live, Nina Joy Morton-Brook is out to help others defy the odds.

The 53-year-old, who lives in Roundhay, was told that she had incurable stage four breast cancer which had spread to her lungs, liver and bones in 2012.

She elected to reject conventional chemotherapy aimed at prolonging her life and went in search of alternative therapy that would get to the root of her cancer diagnosis.

Having just released her second book, ‘How to be a Cancer Maverick’, Nina is still going strong while living with cancer that is still deemed terminal by doctors and is trying to spread a message of hope to others.

“I’m no good at being a patient, I’m not patient had never been in hospital or been ill. I looked at it as a project I would have done at work,” she said. “Even though the doctors said there are no other options I didn’t believe that to be true as in life there are always options.”

Nina, who used to work in financial services, travelled to Germany following her diagnosis to take part in a five-week wellness course at the 3E Center before having TACE chemotherapy in Frankfurt, which is unavailable in the UK.

She still has three-monthly visits to her GP but believes her cancer is currently not active, although the tumours remain.

Nina credits her staying power to her mindset, nutrition and treatment – things she talks about in her books and public speaking. She said: “The future’s bright. I’m not cured but actually living with cancer when it’s not active is fine and in lots of ways it’s really good. I’ve had this wake-up call to make me think, ‘oh blimey’. It lets you get your priorities right.”

Visit www.oodlebooks.com/nina-joy-how-to-be-a-cancer-maverick or www.ninajoy.com for further information.

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