Leeds campaigner questions PM’s ‘bizarre’ prize donation

Peter Smith pictured with the signed David Cameron photograph.
Peter Smith pictured with the signed David Cameron photograph.
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How much would you pay for a signed picture of Prime Minister David Cameron?

Well that is the question being posed by dementia campaigner Peter Smith, from Rothwell, who was excited to hear that the PM had taken notice of his Tea Cosy dementia cafe to the point of donating a raffle prize.

Expecting maybe a hamper or dinner set, the 65-year-old, who initially contacted 10 Downing Street to invite Cameron to the monthly Rothwell event, told his crowd of regulars to expect something special at its December 1 meeting. Cameron’s office sent Peter a signed picture.

Peter’s cafe at Rothwell Parish Centre, in Wood Lane, Rothwell, aims to help carers and people with dementia, a condition that can affect memory, understanding and speech.

Peter, who worked for the Alzheimer’s Society following his mother Phyllis’ battle with the condition, said: “I wouldn’t buy it. I think it’s a bit presumptuous as a raffle prize.”

He said the gesture was “bizarre”.

A Downing Street spokesman said the gift was “intended as a gesture of good will”.

Email: peter.smith011@btinternet.com for information on the Tea Cosy events.

Jason Greenwood of Mamas & Papas

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