Leeds business calls in bailiffs as travellers pitch up for sixth time

Travellers have moved onto the car park of Andrews Fasteners in Holbeck. Picture: Google
Travellers have moved onto the car park of Andrews Fasteners in Holbeck. Picture: Google

Travellers have moved onto the car park of a Leeds business for the sixth time this year.

Staff at Andrews Fasteners in Holbeck arrived this morning to find a number of caravans pitched up on the car park and delivery area outside the premises, despite it being private land.

Managing director Michael Carey said they were in the process of getting gates installed as the increasing number of unauthorised visits by travellers became a financial burden.

He said: "I've been working for the company for about 30 years. We've never had any issues until this year. This year they've been about six times.

"Before they were arriving on a Saturday and leaving on a Sunday. The inconvenience was mostly the mess they left behind.

"But the last few times they've been turning up on weekdays. It causes issues and staff feel intimidated.

"We've had bailiffs out this morning to issue them with a 24 hour notice to leave."

The area outside the premises is used for unloading containers and the company had to turn away a delivery last time the travellers took over the land.

Mr Carey said: "We had to turn the container away because their caravans were in the way. We asked them to move and they wouldn't. It cost us £500."

He said the travellers even complained that it would be safe for children playing outside if the delivery went ahead.

"To be told that by them when you're trying to operate your business is a complete and utter joke," he added.

Leeds City Council's advice is that it is usually the landowner's responsibility to move gypsies or travellers on from private property.

It recommends seeking independent legal advice and adds that cleaning up afterwards is also the landowner's responsibility.

Mr Carey said: "We report it to the police but it's a fairly pointless exercise as they can't really do anything.

"Personally I don't blame them. They're just complying with the laws that are there. The law is on the side of the gypsies."

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