Leeds burglars locked up for a total of 12 years

Jonathan Borthwick.
Jonathan Borthwick.
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TWO prolific burglars have been jailed for five years and a third put behind bars for 20 months.

Jonathan Borthwick, 21, of Greenthorpe Hill, Armley, Leeds, and Adam Kerr, 22, from Broadleas Grove, Bramley, Leeds, were caught after police were called to a burglary at the Netto store in Kirkstall Road, Kirkstall, Leeds, in the early hours of January 21 this year.

As the search for the intruders was launched a dog tracker unit was brought in to help and the West Yorkshire Police helicopter was scrambled to scour the area from the skies.

Borthwick and Kerr were spotted by officers and arrested nearby.

The investigation by the North West Leeds Integrated Offender Management Unit (IOM) led to both men being charged with the Netto burglary.

Leeds Crown Court heard that Borthwick had previously committed more than 20 burglaries.

He had been released from prison in October last year after serving a sentence for such offences.

Kerr has four previous convictions for burglary and had also only just been released from prison earlier in January after serving time for burglary.

Another prolific burglar was jailed for 20 months at Leeds Crown Court today thanks to the work of the IOM team.

Shabaz Hussain, aged 38, of Lovell Park Towers, Little London, was jailed for 20 months.

The IOM team worked with City and Holbeck CID to secure the charges against Hussain who had refused to engage with the police or partner agencies when offered support to move away from crime.

One of the maim functions of the IOM team is to focus on targeting hardcore offenders who are behind the majority of crimes in the North West Division.

To those who wish to reform they arrange the support they need to go straight, but relentlessly pursue those who continue to offend.

Officers liaised closely with the Probation Service and Crown Prosecution Service with the aim of achieving sentences that reflected the prolific nature of the three defendants offending

Sgt Jonny Blackwell, said: “It is pleasing to see these prolific offenders receiving such lengthy sentences.

“And it should also give some reassurance to the communities that have suffered as a result of their crimes.

“We hope the jail terms they have received will act as a warning to other offenders who are on our radar but refuse to take up the offers of support we offer them.”


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