Leeds burglar jailed after being caught on camera

Ribchester man will appear in court in January
Ribchester man will appear in court in January

A BURGLAR has been returned to prison for three years for carrying out his eleventh burglary in as many years.

Callum Dixon, 21, was caught after police recognised him from CCTV footage of the break-in at the house on Stonegate Road, Leeds, on December 8 last year.

Leeds Crown Court heard Dixon and another man smashed a door to get into the property and stole a television.

The pair were disturbed when the owner returned and they fled down a ginnel at the rear of the property.

A camera from a nearby primary school filmed the two men getting into a car and driving away. Dixon was arrested after a police officer recognised him.

Nigel Wray, prosecuting, said Dixon had been involved in a disturbance at a house Potternewton Lane three days earlier.

Police were called to the incident but Dixon managed to push officers away and escape as they tried to handcuff him.

Dixon pleaded guilty to burglary and failing to surrender. The court heard Dixon has a criminal record dating back to when he was aged ten.

He has committed 11 burglaries in 11 years and served three years sentence an offence in 2014.

Adrian Pollard, mitigating, said Dixon had experienced a difficult upbringing. He added: “It is quite sad for someone who has been in trouble since the age of ten.

“It has not been easy for him but he accepts it is not easy for the victims of his crimes.”

The Recorder of Leeds, Judge Peter Collier, said: “You have not got much in the way of education to help you on the outside. You have managed to father a child and that brings a little bit of meaning to your life. I hope that motivates in some way.”