Leeds bucks the national trend on fuel prices

ASDA filling station in Meadow Lane, Leeds.
ASDA filling station in Meadow Lane, Leeds.
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This weekend it was revealed petrol prices reached a six-month high, according to motorist breakdown service AA.

But it appears that Leeds is bucking the national trend, as the cost of filling up in the region is one of the lowest in country.

Latest figures show that average fuel prices have risen by more than 10p a litre across the nation since February.

The average cost of petrol nationwide is now 117.19p a litre.

AA president Edmund King said: “Our fuel report this month illustrates vividly the power of pump prices on consumer spending.

“It sends out a clear message to government on fuel tax: don’t be mistaken into thinking that because pump prices are 13p-a-litre lower than this time last year that drivers are ripe for another fuel duty increase.”

Asda Leeds Bridge petrol station in South Leeds is one of three places driving down fuel prices in the city.

The Beeston filling station, in Meadow Lane, currently charges 114.7p a litre for petrol – one of the lowest rates in the country.

Sainsburys’ filling station in Rawdon charges 113.9p per litre and Asda at the Owlcotes shopping centre in Pudsey charges 113.7p per litre of petrol.

But the AA said many motorists across the country are now cutting back on using their cars as a result of the national rise.

An AA survey showed that 37 per cent of 28,000 polled motorists said they were using their car less.

The figure rose to nearly 50 per cent for drivers on low incomes.

A new government scheme, cutting the cost of fuel by 5p to drivers in special rural areas, was rolled out last month.

The AA said the scheme, which was previously only available to those living on some of the UK’s islands, had led to business doubling for one petrol station in Devon.

But it said that due to confusion some drivers in Scotland – where prices are the highest in the UK – had missed out.

Fuel costs across the city

Fuel prices across the country have risen to their highest level this weekend since February.

Petrol currently costs an average of 117.19p per litre nationwide, with 
diesel averaging 121.0p per litre.

Asda Leeds Bridge filling station in Beeston currently charges 114.7p per litre of petrol.

Sainsburys’ filling station in Rawdon charges 113.9p per litre.

Asda’s Owlcotes shopping centre petrol station in Pudsey charges 113.7p per litre.

Scotland currently has the UK’s priciest petrol at 117.6p per litre on average.

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