Leeds branding expert Paul’s recovery from brain haemorrhage is boosted by TV project

Paul Dodd on the BBC's Rip Off Britain programme.
Paul Dodd on the BBC's Rip Off Britain programme.
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A Leeds design and branding boss showed he is well on his way to making a remarkable recovery from a near-fatal brain haemorrhage – by answering a call for help from Auntie Beeb.

Paul Dodd, the 38-year-old managing director at York Road-based agency ALLGOOD, needed life-saving neurosurgery after suffering the brain haemorrhage in January.

He returned to work part-time in May – and, during his first week back, contributed expert views to a filmed piece for the BBC’s Rip Off Britain TV programme.

Dad-of-one Paul told the Yorkshire Evening Post: “I’m still suffering problems with short-term memory, concentration, not being able to find my words, mixing words up, forgetting names and focusing on tasks, all things that I took for granted when running a busy design agency.

“I have started coming back into work for a few hours a day, slowly working up towards half days and I’m currently working 9am to 3pm and feeling more like myself again.

“Looking back at where I was a few months ago it’s incredible really.”

The Rip Off Britain project saw Paul and his talented agency team tasked with finding creative ways for traditional foods such as marmalade to be remarketed so they have greater appeal for younger consumers.

He said: “The BBC project was the first week I came back in.

“It was such a big opportunity, I got off my sickbed to come into work for the concepts, the design and the day of filming.

“It was a real springboard to getting back into things and I’m so glad I did.

“It was the perfect way to feel valued again and for me to realise that life can get back to normal after some truly scary times for me and my family.”