Leeds boy kidnap: Man tells of kiss

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A CONVICTED sex offender told a jury he gave an 11-year-old boy a kiss on his neck in his flat but insisted: “It was nothing sexual or nowt like that.”

Lee Adams, 45, is accused of kidnapping the youngster before drugging and sexually assaulting him at his flat in Beeston, Leeds.

The court had previously heard officers had found the boy disoriented with a love-bite on his neck.

Giving evidence yesterday, the unemployed alcoholic insisted that the boy had gone with him willingly after being told he could play on his Xbox. Adams also denied giving him any drugs or sexually assaulting him.

The trial heard how Adams has four previous convictions for sexual assault on boys dating back to 1987.

Adams’s barrister, John Swain, asked him: “Bearing in mind your history, your track record, was it a wise thing to do, having an 11-year-old boy going with you to your flat?”

He replied: “Definitely not. I have regretted it ever since. If he did not come back with me, I would not be in this situation now.”

Adams, who denies kidnap, false imprisonment, administering a drug with intent and sexual assault, is alleged to have dragged the youngster from a play area back to his home on Moor Crescent Chase on October 14 last year.

Mr Swain said: “The allegation is you took hold of him against his will and dragged him back to the flat.”

Adams said: “No. Dewsbury Road is a very busy road. If anybody had seen anything like that going on they would have intervened.”

Adams said he gave the boy some black coffee and a drink of juice back at his flat but did not give him any drugs.

Mr Swain asked Adams: “Before you went into the bedroom, did you do anything with (the boy)?”

He replied: “Yes I kissed him. His neck. It was just an urge. A stupid mistake.

“When I realised what I did I stood up and walked out of the bedroom.”

Adams said the youngster fell asleep in bed as he sat on the sofa listening to music before the police arrived at the property.



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