Leeds boffins with formula for perfect cup of tea

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IT MAY read like something from a maths examination but according to researchers it is an equation to gladden the hearts of tea drinkers.

People who work out TB + (H2O @100°c) 2minsBT + C(10ml) 6minsBT = PC (@ OT60°c) will have the art of making a perfect cuppa, say academics and Cravendale milk, produced by Leeds-based Arla.

Cravendale commissioned a study and research revealed:

* Optimum brewing time is two minutes;

* The ideal amount of milk is 10ml;

* Optimum drinking temperature is 60°C;

* Optimum consumption time six minutes after creation;

* Tea has a ‘shelf-life’ of no more than 17.5 minutes before temperature and taste alters to an “unsatisfactory sensory experience;”

* It has aromas of toffee and vanilla.

In the formula, TB stands for teabag; BT brewing time; C Cravendale milk; PC perfect cuppa and OT is optimum temperature for consumption.

Tony Burdin, chief executive of Sheffield Mutual Friendly Society

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