Leeds bill payers hate council tax the most

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New research has revealed the most 'hated' bills paid by Leeds residents every month.

Utilities saving website Make It Cheaper's survey found that 58 per cent of people living in Leeds were most concerned about the amount they were expected to fork out for council tax.

While in non-essential outgoings, 61 per cent of Leeds respondents hated the cost of train travel.

A further 57 per cent are unhappy with parking costs in the city, which they believe is overpriced and poor value for money.

The research also found that a quarter of Leeds residents are 'struggling' to meet bills payments and a third regularly spend their entire wage on living costs.

The worst value public services and goods in Leeds:-

Train tickets (61%)

Parking (57%)

Petrol (56%)

Rent (52%)

Designer clothes (50%)

Car insurance (49%)

House prices (48%)

Gas/electricity bills (42%)

Bus tickets (41%)

Phone bill (40%)

When it comes to household bills, electricity, gas and TV licence payments are resented, although 22 per cent think their mortgage is good value, and only eight per cent believe their student loan repayments are overpriced. 90 per cent of Leeds residents who have life insurance think their policy represents good value.

The top five most resented bills in Leeds are:

Council tax (59%)

Electricity (51%)

Gas (41%)

TV licence (41%)