Leeds based ‘jigsaw dating’ app wins huge investment

The JigTalk team.
The JigTalk team.
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A dating app developed in Leeds has just netted a £130,000 investment and will star in its own TV programme in the new year.

Photos of people who use the Jigtalk app, created by Max Adamski and Alex Durrant, are initially covered by 16 jigsaw pieces that are removed one by one as an online conversation progresses.

The app will launch early next year alongside a dedicated television programme and now has now received a total of £160,000 investment, following interest from backers in New York and London.

Mr Adamski said: “We are making an effort to compete with the big boys in the dating app world. We feel we can be spoken of in the same breath as Tinder or Match.

“We are part of the digital revolution that is taking place in this city. So many places are making an effort and we want to be one of the companies that are remembered when people look back at this era.”

The app has already been used by thousands of students across Leeds and now Max and Alex are seeking to build a wider groups of users.

Max told Digital City: “By having the photo covered at first, there’s no oh no, he or she’s out of my league’ that you might get with other dating apps.

“It’s a level playing field and you can prove yourself and keep him or her engaged from the word go.”

The app’s founders, who have been based in Leeds for around five years, are planning a series of marketing campaigns in the run up to JigTalk’s official release.

The app will launch on January 5.