Leeds bar aims to bring ‘new vibrancy’ to Call Lane

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Not many new places opening up in the heart of an already booming nightlife scene brand themselves as faded glamour and neon sleaze, reminiscent of a US dive bar.

But then the owners of The Red Door chain, set to open in Leeds on Friday August 25, know a thing or two about running a successful bar and are looking to shake up, in both senses of the word the going out scene on Call Lane.

The Red Door is the latest offering from Living Ventures and the brand was established by the late boss of Living Ventures, Tim Bacon, back in 2010 with bars in Chester and Liverpool that have become a celeb spotting hotspot.

In Leeds it will take over the former Hirst’s Yard site and is currently being given a slick makeover to turn it into a 200 capacity venue.

Every bar tender will be trained to create at least 100 classic concoctions as well as 20 bespoke Red Door creations such as The Maya Blossom - a cool, blue beauty that blends Ketel One Citron Vodka with a delicate combination of peach, elderflower and lemon, whilst the Disco Diva is an eye-catching number that combines vodka with vanilla liquor, strawberry, cranberry and apple.

Rum and tequila are also spirit specialities from some of the world’s best brands.

Music, in the downtown US style bar will switch between soul, funk, disco RnB, pop and live music.

Lee Lynch, managing director said “We are majorly excited to bring Red Door to Leeds. There is such a great cocktail scene and some really cool bars, we think Red Door will fit right in. I was part of the team that opened Prohibition back in the day and I know people in Leeds can party. I believe Red Door will bring a new vibrancy to Call Lane and certainly shake things up.”