Leeds baby defies odds to make it home for Christmas

SO PROUD: Mollie at home with mum Zoe.
SO PROUD: Mollie at home with mum Zoe.
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Mollie Lowe’s first four months were a desperate life or death struggle.

But the tiny baby has defied all the odds to finally make it home from hospital – just in time for Christmas.

Mum Zoe, who had been trying for a baby for seven years, told the YEP: “She is a miracle and I am just so proud of her.”

Today, as she cuddled her cherished daughter, mum Zoe said it was a moment she had hardly dared dream of.

But it is one that is still tinged with sadness as Mollie’s twin sister lost her fight for life soon after the babies were born.

The sisters were born 13 weeks early and each weighed just two pounds – fitting in the palm of their mum’s hands.

Evie died 16 days later in Leeds General Infirmary’s Neo Natal Unit after she developed a problem with her bowel.

The Lowe family were dealt another crushing blow when Mollie was diagnosed with the same condition as Evie.

After a gruelling six hour operation tiny Mollie beat the odds and will now spend Christmas at her Guiseley home with her mum, proud dad, Matt, and step-brother, Jack, 12.

Mum Zoe, 35, told the YEP: “It was heartbreaking.

“I just couldn’t leave Mollie’s side because I thought she wasn’t going to make it through the night.

“The twins were so small when they were born and their skin was quite thin but I fell in love with them straight away.

“When Evie died it was the most horrendous time ever but there was a small ray of hope that I could give Mollie a little cuddle.”

Zoe and her husband Matt, 40, had been trying to have children for seven years before they tried IVF treatment.

The couple were delighted to find out that they were finally going to be parents and even more thrilled that they were expecting twins.

But their joy was short-lived after their daughters arrived at 27 weeks.

Zoe said: “Seeing them attached to monitors was just heartbreaking because as a mum you just want to grab them and hold them.

“When they were born early I just felt robbed because they were IVF babies and extra special.

“The hospital has saved Mollie’s life and she is the best Christmas present I could ever imagine.

“There are just no words to say thank you to the staff.”

When Mollie grows up her parents are determined to make sure she knows about her older sister Evie who was born 20 minutes earlier.

Zoe added: “I make sure that I tell Mollie every day about her sister and I will always do that.

“Some days she even looks like her.

“She’s a miracle and I am just so proud of her.

“She has been through so much in her little life.”

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