Leeds army veteran’s faith in human nature is restored

Jack Walker
Jack Walker
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A TERMINALLY-Ill army veteran from Leeds whose £4,000 life savings for his funeral were cruelly stolen has had his faith in human nature restored – after a friend raised back the cash and got strangers to send him birthday cards.

Cancer-stricken Jack Walker, 83, was left in tears when the savings he had scrimped for years were stolen just days before his birthday.

Grandfather Jack, of Whinmoor, had served in Tunisia in the Canal Zone as part of 12 years in the Coldstream Guards - the British Army’s oldest surviving regiment.

After being diagnosed with terminal cancer, the war veteran saved up almost £4,000 - which was cruelly stolen from his home in Leeds early last month.

But after the devastating theft the brave hero has had his faith restored in human kindness - after a selfless fellow veteran raised back nearly double the cash for the funeral and organised for strangers to send him funny birthday cards.

Friend Phil Lee said the response has been phenomenal, with a mountain of cards arriving each day to cheer Jack up and make him smile again.

Jack was diagnosed with cancer in his shoulder months ago and has now been told the tumour has spread and he could die any day.

Mr Lee, 50, said: “He’s been chuckling away like a little boy. I told people to send rude and funny cards to make him smile. Jack is a wonderful man. He deserves to spend the end of his life in dignity and with something to smile about.”

Mr Lee said he set up a fundraising page after seeing his friend left bereft by the theft, aiming to raise £1,000 to put towards a funeral.

He added: “I was even considering paying for it out of my own pocket for a while. Within five days we had more than £6,000, I couldn’t believe it.” This is not about the money, it never has been.”