Worzel Gummidge comes to Leeds... in 1993

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Dateline: February 15, 1993...

Actor Jon Pertwee is shown here at the Schofield Centre, Leeds, with Wayne Kaeey, seven, of Gipton, and Christopher Cunningham, four, of Moortown. The boys were the winners of a Worzel Gummidge lookalike competition had been hoping to meet TV scarecrow Mr Pertwee during his visit to the city in August but were disappointed when he fell ill and had to cut short his stay. The actor more than made up for the disappointment on his return visit.

Pertwee (1919-1996) was famous as a showman on stage and radio and between 1970 and 1974 as the third incarnation of Doctor Who. He played Worzel Gummidge from 1979-81 and also from 1987-1989. During the Second World War, her served for six years in the Royal Navy, aboard the HMS Hood.