Why dogs will be banned from all Leeds Wetherspoons from next week

Wetherspoons has banned dogs in Leeds pubs from Monday
Wetherspoons has banned dogs in Leeds pubs from Monday
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Leeds dog-lovers will no-longer be able to bring their four legged friends into Wetherspoons from Monday.

The pub chain will be enforcing a strict no dog policy across the country from Monday, September 10.

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Wetherspoons has had a policy banning dogs from its pubs since 1979, but it has not been fully enforced at all its sites.

A spokesperson for the chain said that it is set to enforce the dog ban because even well behaved dogs can be ‘unpredictable at times’.

Wetherspoons is also family friendly and the spokesperson added that young children can be scared by dogs and that food is served in its pubs.

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However guide dogs will still be allowed in the chain’s pubs although owners are advised to bring along ‘documentation’ to explain the dog’s ‘purpose’.

Wetherspoons policy on dogs says: ‘While we are fond of dogs, we permit only registered assistance dogs inside our pubs and hotels.

"To avoid any confusion or unnecessary upset, please ensure that your dog is wearing the recognisable leash/collar or harness.

"It would also be helpful if you could bring along suitable documentation to explain the dog’s purpose. ‘A limited number of pubs do permit dogs on a lead into the garden and/or other external areas.

"Please check directly with the pub which you are planning to visit."