West Yorkshire Police officers show off 'flossing' Fortnite dance at Little Mix concert

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A video of two West Yorkshire Police officers 'flossing' at a Little Mix gig in Huddersfield has gone viral.

The officers were spotted in the crowd at the gig at John Smith Stadium in Huddersfield on Sunday while the girl band performed.

The police flossing at the gig

The police flossing at the gig

Onlookers quickly pulled out their mobiles and grabbed footage of the flossing cops who were emulating the dance made popular by online battle royale game Fortnite.

One onlooker was Jodi Goodacre, who captured this brilliant video of the officers showing off their moves.

The video has now had over 150,000 views on Facebook.

Little Mix were playing the gig as part of their recent tour which has also taken in Scarborough and South Yorkshire.

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