Video shows flooding in Leeds as River Wharfe bursts its banks.

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Footage of the River Wharfe in north Leeds shows it has flooded several nearby fields.

Councillor Jane Dowson, of Chapel Allerton ward, shared the video on Twitter.

- > This is how high the River Aire in Leeds is at the moment

She said: "River Wharfe flooded, I suspect tomorrow’s football match may be cancelled."

The river has flooded in several places, Cllr Dowson added.

There have been several flood warnings throughout Yorkshire including Middle River Aire which covers Kirkstall.

A football field is flooded.

A football field is flooded.

A full list of flood warnings in place in the region can be found here:

- > Multiple flood warnings issued in Yorkshire - Check here if your area is affected

Several train companies have had to part suspend services due to flooding on the line. Find out more here.