Video: Rain water pours into Leeds shop after roof collapses during stormy weather

Water has flooded into a shop in Leeds after part of its roof collapsed during today's stormy weather.

Footage shared with the YEP shows some of the damage caused to the Boots store at Colton.

Flood damage at the Boots store in Colton. Picture: @Misslelith

Flood damage at the Boots store in Colton. Picture: @Misslelith

Flooding is also said to have affected the Crossgates Shopping Centre, with a number of shoppers reporting some shops there appeared to have closed as a result.

Among them was Katherine Atkinson, 34, of Silkstone Court, Crossgates, who described huge hailstones raining down with such force that they caused leaks in her roof at home.

"Water was coming through," she said. "I think it's the hailstones that have caused it. I've never seen hailstones that big - they were massive."

The business affected could not be reached for comment.

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