This is when the next downpours of rain will hit Leeds - and it's sooner than you might think

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For many of us, it has been a glorious summer.

Forget the heatwave, this is when we will get our wettest summer day

When will it rain in Leeds?

When will it rain in Leeds?

From England's World Cup heroics to the prolonged and uninterrupted heatwave, there have been many reasons to get outdoors and make the most of the summer months so far.

But for some, the heatwave has been a disaster.

Keen gardeners, runners and dog walkers have all been affected in one form or another by the high temperatures and lack of rain, making usual summer tasks more gruelling.

But when it will it rain next in Leeds?

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Well, it won't be today (Thursday) as experts at the Met Office predict a warm and dry day for the city.

Highs of 24C are forecast with sun shine expected for large periods.

There will be some cloudy spells too and a high UV count - so make sure you protect your skin if you're outdoors for long spells, with a dry and mild evening in the offing.

However, tomorrow (Friday) is a totally different picture.

The forecast says that it will be cloudy over Leeds for the majority of the day and any appearance from the sun will be a bonus.

Rain is predicted to fall over the city from lunchtime onward and last for the majority of the afternoon.

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There is a yellow weather warning for rain over London and the South East, but at the time of writing that doesn't affect Yorkshire.

So, it looks as though some Leeds residents will get their wish for some rain at last on Friday, while people who have been making the most of the dry spell and wishing it would never end will be disappointed to see the wet stuff fall.