The long list of Leeds pubs which are sure to stir fond memories for drinkers


Raise a glass to these gone but not forgotten Leeds pubs.

They may have fallen by the wayside but for many will always evoke happy times of a misspent youth or a sense of community and belonging.

Your YEP has highlighted the city’s pub closures in a series of articles.

Last year we reported how shocking figures showed that one in five of Leeds’ pubs have closed in the past decade – but the city was still “ahead of the game,” experts said, with a huge boom in new industries.

A total of 22 per cent of all Leeds pubs have closed since 2007, analysis of new figures has found, with the value of the land they occupy worth far more as a shop or housing.

But the city has much to be positive about, a Camra expert has said, as with the decline of the traditional pub comes a huge boom in the area’s bars, clubs, and craft ale industries.

Big cities have taken the biggest hit when it comes to numbers of pub closures, new figures have revealed, but in Leeds it has made way for a huge resurgence in craft ale and other industries.

More than one in five pubs in the city has closed since 2007, the CAMRA figures show, with 122 - more than 22 per cent - closing in the city in the past decade.

But the region’s bars are thriving, CAMRA has added, as it shows how Yorkshire’s cities have adapted to a change in demand. And across the region, there has been a huge boom in the popularity of small-scale breweries.

Click on the link above to reveal pubs which have closed. Were any of them your local back in the day? They are gone but not forgotten.


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