Tenants raised concerns over Leeds tower block arson attacks

Residents at Poplar Mount in west Leeds have previously spoken of their fears of of being victims of an arson attack.

Tenants told the Yorkshire Evening Post of their concerns in June last year.

PIC: Steve Riding

PIC: Steve Riding

Several floors were evacuated in the early hours of October 29, 2016.

Video: Major blaze renews worries after Leeds tower block arson

A settee had been deliberately set alight in a communal area, filling nearby flats on the ninth floor with thick smoke.

Four people suffered smoke inhalation and a number of homes were smoke damaged, with the communal area needing a total refurbishment.

Anthony Johnstone, 30, said: “I find it so hard to sleep. I just think I’m going to wake up to a fire. It’s brought it all back to me. I’m scared of sleeping in my own flat now.”

Neighbour Carl Ackroyd, 50, said smoke detectors in individual flats sounded as smoke seeped in, but there were no alarms in the communal areas.

He added that the settee had been in the communal area for several days prior to the fire.

Smoke damage was still visible on the lift doors.

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