Royal Mail bans postal workers from flying England flags from vans during World Cup

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Royal Mail has banned postal workers from flying the England flag on their vehicles during the World Cup.

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The news comes as world prepares for the month-long tournament to kick off in Russia later today.

Posties won't be able to put flags on their vehicles

Posties won't be able to put flags on their vehicles

Workers have been told they cannot fly football flags from their vehicles, bikes or trollies for safety reasons.

Royal Mail explained that employees can still put up flags in offices, with mail centres already having flags on display usually representing the countries workers come from.

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According to the postal service the policy banning flags from vehicles has been in place for a number of years.

A Royal Mail spokesman said: ‘Flags should not be flown on vehicles as Royal Mail has a duty of care both to all employees and to members of the public.

"This is a company-wide policy across the business which covers flags and stickers across trollies, bikes, vans and lorries. No other flag or insignia should be carried next to the Royal Mail brand and insignias.

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"Flags placed on vehicles can obscure the driver’s view. They can also pose a potential hazard to other road users if they are lost when the vehicle is moving.

"We do want our colleagues to have every opportunity to follow the World Cup but we need to continue to provide services to customers. ‘There will be flags on display in Royal Mail offices and live radio commentary playing on PA systems during matches."

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