Revealed: The 11 most common commuting annoyances

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From tedious traffic jams and slow tractors to roadworks and drivers that undertake motoring experts have revealed the 11 most common commuting annoyances.

Yorkshire folk driving to and from work encounter enraging situations on a daily basis and the team at have researched into the top bugbears experienced by commuters.



Drivers that undertake made the list along with cyclists, lorries overtaking other lorries and people who don’t stop at zebra crossings.

Tim Alcock for said: “Drivers commuting to and from work will have to deal with other road users twice daily and it can be frustrating to say the least.

“There are plenty of situations when fellow road sharers can really get on peoples’ nerves, whether it’s doing something dangerous or just generally being annoying and discourteous.

“We’ve looked into common bugbears that British commuters suffer every day and have compiled them for drivers to take a look at.”

Here’s the list of the 11 most common road annoyances:

Traffic jams

There’s nothing worse than setting off for work in plenty of time and getting stuck in a traffic jam – not only is it boring being stuck in one place, but likelihood is it will make you late for work causing an unhappy boss and lost time that you’ll have to make up later.

When lorries overtake lorries

Lorries are generally slow so they stick to the inner lanes, but when one lorry decides to overtake another it can take time for one to get fully past the other. This causes a two-lane blockage and means that other vehicles can’t get passed as easily. It can be frustrating if it takes a while to overtake as you can’t get to where you’re going as fast as usual.

Road works

When you’re used to doing a commute in a certain time it can be annoying when roadworks take place. Usually lanes are closed and speed limits are in force which adds time and traffic on to what would have been an otherwise perfectly normal commute.

People who skip through red lights

Red light skipping is both infuriating and stupid, you make an effort to drive carefully and lawfully and then there are some drivers that whizz through red lights to get where they’re going more quickly which is irresponsible and can cause unnecessary accidents.


Cyclists can hold up the road, especially when they are going slowly and don’t keep close to the kerbs. It’s easy to get frustrated by them but more important that you keep cool and only overtake when it’s safe to do so.

People who don’t stop at zebra crossings

Zebra crossings are important pedestrian crossings often located on busy roads to ensure that people can get across safely. It means that cars should give them right of way and slow down before going over crossings to ensure that people aren’t walking across them. People who don’t stop risk pedestrian’s lives, so it’s very important that they do.

Drivers that undertake

The Highway code advises drivers not to undertake as in fast moving traffic everyone is abiding by the rule that you overtake on the right. If people undertake then this could cause a dangerous accident.

Getting stuck behind a tractor

If your commute takes you on slower, country back roads then you may encounter a slow tractor. It will trundle along slowly and wisps of hay falling off the back may hit your windscreen, but the only thing you can do is sit behind it unless it’s absolutely safe to overtake with good visibility.

People with full beams on for no reason

There’s nothing worse than not being able to see and people who forget to turn their full beams off can really dazzle drivers and compromise visibility for them if they’re behind them or coming in the opposite direction.

Drivers with loud music

We all pick a radio station and enjoy it at a moderate volume, don’t we? Well some people don’t, they want to play it as loud as possible with the windows down drowning out people’s chosen sounds and generally just being obnoxious and loud.

People on their phones

Being on your phone whilst driving is illegal anyway, but often people distracted by phones can miss green lights and be slow to brake if their eyes are on their screens rather than on the road.