Pub review: The Dusty Miller, Mirfield

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THERE should be a rule banning the changing of pub names. They are part of history and say something about our heritage.

It’s bad enough with pubs closing down in huge numbers, but when even the existing ones adopt a new moniker, then something is wrong.

Surely pubs can evolve and take on new styles and decors without losing their familiar titles.

Happily, a fine little food pub the Dusty Miller has been given its name back after a brief spell known as the Yorkshire Pudding. I ask you. What a ridiculous name for a pub that was.

It’s a few years since I last visited this place but it certainly seems to have taken a huge leap upmarket. It seems bigger, better staffed and with a much more interesting choice of drinks and food.

I had a pint of Coors (£3.60), my dad had a Famous Grouse whisky (£2.60 plus 35p for a dash of lemonade) and my wife had a half-pint of diet coke (£2).

I was tempted by the real-ales (a decent selection) and my wife by the wines (again, a decent choice) but we were really here to dine.

The menu was fabulous. I was tempted by the Caribbean chicken (£9.95) and the Punjabi-style lamb chops (£12.50) which I have already marked down to try on future visits.

There was a good choice of fish dishes, too, including seabass fillet (£13.50) and pan-friend salmon fillet (£12.50).

But I tried the sirloin steak (£15), while my dad had pie of the day (steak and ale at £9.95) while my wife had a beef and onion sandwich and soup (Mediterranean vegetables) at £7.50.

In truth, I think the cheapest dish was the best. My steak was a huge piece of meat (9oz officially but it seemed like more, and it came with a wonderful and plentiful side dishes of chips, fried onion rings, mushrooms, grilled tomato and fresh and garnished salad. It was a decent dish.

My dad’s steak and ale pie was good, too, and it came with chips and mushy peas, although the peas could have been swapped for a mixture of vegetables.

But the best meal was the beef and onion sandwich and soup. The sandwich was brimming with tasty meat, and the soup was thick and rich.

We could have tried the traditional set of desserts (sticky toffee pudding, apple and rhubarb crumble and the like) but we were too full from our generous main courses.

There are some special events here – a taste of the Caribbean with three courses costing £25 per person sounded interesting.

And the children’s menu and senior citizens’ menu were good-value options.

The burger menu deserves special mention, too, with the Panko Chicken (£9) sounding unusual. It is breaded spicy chicken breast cooked in garlic butter, with onion ring, lettuce, tomato, chips and burger relish.


Dusty Miller, Dunbottle Lane, Mirfield. Tel: 01924 490178


Food: 3/5

Value: 4/5

Atmosphere: 4/5

Service: 3/5