Police still hunting attacker who smashed 13-year-old boy in the face in Beeston park

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Police are still searching for the person who hit a teenager in the face and broke his nose.

Casey Dennis Murthick was heading home after playing football in Cross Flatts Park in Beeston when he was attacked.

The teenager suffered a broken nose, a bruised arm and had to have internal and external stitches after the attack at around 6pm on Thursday February 14.

Casey is a keen footballer and plays for Halifax Town under-13s, the school team at Morley Academy and Howden Clough under-13s.

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His mum said he was “in shock and very shook up” after the incident.

According to Mrs Kellett, Casey had finished playing football and was walking back out of the park when a girl jumped out from the trees and hit him in the face with what was described as a log.

Mrs Kellett said at the time: "At around 6pm Casey’s mate and dad go home, Casey then starts walking through the trees on his way out of the park kicking his ball.

"Then from nowhere a girl jumped from behind a tree, smashing him in the face with what Casey calls a log.

"He ran to the entrance and met his friend who was on his way to join him and they both ran home.

“My boyfriend ran in the park afterwards with the description of someone with a black hat and grey tracksuit and found a group on tennis courts fitting the description, so he shouted at them and when they turned around it was a girl who had hit him."

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Mrs Kellet said the group ran off when they heard the police were coming.